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37 Ways to say THANK YOU in English

37 Ways to say THANK YOU in English

37 Ways to say THANK YOU in English

Thank you is important. Do you need to give a formal ‘thank you’ or an informal ‘thank you’? How do you give a very big ‘thank you’? How many ways do you know how to say ‘thank you’?

Thank you is a way to show respect, appreciation and kindness. Today let’s look at 37 ways to say ‘thank you’!


Mini Thank You

Did someone pick up a pen you dropped? Did someone tell you they like your shirt? Did someone you don’t know open the door for you?

  1. thank you

The Classic. You can never be wrong by saying ‘thank you’.


  1. thanks

Short and sweet. Informal, but friendly.


  1. thanks again

Did you already say ‘thank you’? After a bit of conversation, you can say ‘thanks again’ to show your appreciation again.


  1. thanks a bunch

Did a colleague bring you a coffee from your favourite coffee shop? Thanks a bunch is informal and friendly.


  1. thanks for + noun/gerund

Thanks for your message. Thanks for telling me.


  1. cheers

Cheers is very common. It means ‘thanks’. Use it with friends, colleagues, and people you don’t know!


  1. cheers drive

This is unique to Bristol. What does it mean? ‘Thank you bus driver.’

cheers drive

  1. thx

Text, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Use ‘thx’ in informal written situations.


Big Thank You


Did a friend or partner do something really nice for you? Did they make you your favourite breakfast?

  1. Thanks a million.
  2. You star.


Did someone do you a big favour? Did a colleague help you in a difficult situation at work?

  1. I owe you one.
  2. You’re a lifesaver.
  3. What would I do without you?
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. I can’t thank you enough.




Did someone buy you a very nice and expensive gift? Did a friend arrange a surprise birthday party for you?

  1. You shouldn’t have.

We use to this to show a bit of surprise and to say ‘thank you very much’!


Did someone put a lot of time and effort into helping you?

  1. Thank you ever so much (formal).
  2. Thank you kindly (formal).
  3. I’m eternally grateful (very formal and quite dramatic).


Did you win an Oscar at the Academy Awards? Have you been knighted by the Queen? Has your charity organisation been given a very generous donation?

  1. Please accept my deepest thanks for + noun phrase (this award, your generous donation…)
  2. My heartfelt thanks to + people you want to thank (everyone who has helped me, Amy Smith…)


heartfelt thanks


Are you writing someone an email?

  1. Thank you in advance.

We can use this if we have asked a question and are waiting for an answer. It’s polite to thank someone before they respond.


Have you had an amazing meal in a restaurant? Do you want to thank the chef for his/her wonderful food?

  1. Compliments to the chef.

Say this to your waiter/waitress and they will pass on the message to the chef.


Negative Thanks

Sometimes, a person makes your life difficult. Sometimes, a person promised to help you, but they didn’t.

  1. Thanks for nothing.

This can be quite offensive. 


Sometimes a person offers to help you, but you don’t need any help.

  1. Thanks, but no thanks.

This is informal and can only be said with friends and family. It might sound a bit rude to someone who doesn’t know you.


  1. Nothing for me thanks.

This is usually said when we decline a food or drink offer.

nothing for me thanks


Body Language

We can also say ‘thank you’ without any words!

  1. You can wink.
  2. You can give someone a handshake.
  3. You can give someone a hug.
  4. You can give someone a kiss.
  5. You can blow someone a kiss.
  6. You can give someone a nod.


body language


Expressions with thanks

  1. no thanks to + person = despite

You manage to do something even though someone else wasn’t helpful. 

no thanks to


Did you find your lost passport? Did you receive some good news after you thought it would bad news?

  1. Thank God.
  2. Thank heavens.
  3. Thank goodness.

We say this when we are relieved. 


  1. thank your lucky stars

to be very grateful

You should thank your lucky stars that your parents paid for your uni.


Thank you very much for reading today’s blog! I hope it was helpful to you!


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