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Christmas Vocabulary – 27 essential pieces of vocabulary

Christmas Vocabulary – 27 essential pieces of vocabulary

Christmas is in the air!

Here is a list of 27 pieces of Christmas vocabulary that everyone needs to know. 


Firstly, let’s look at the three most important days:

December 24th – Christmas Eve

December 25th – Christmas Day

December 26th – Boxing Day

Most businesses and shops will be closed on these three days.

1.Christmas Vocabulary

My children are so excited about Father Christmas coming to town. They even wrote him a letter and we posted it together.


Santa’s elves are busy helping him make toys for all the boys and girls around the world.


When I was six years old, I got to ride in Santa’s sleigh. It was absolutely magical.


Santa has nine reindeer to pull his sleigh. Their names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixem and Rudolph


Christmas vocabulary

How many snowflakes can you catch on your tongue?


Christmas vocabulary

I spent the entire evening decorating the Christmas tree while listening to music and drinking mulled wine. (What’s ‘mulled wine?’ Keep reading!)


We have a lot of beautiful ornaments made of glass, as well as a few my children made in school.


Outside most churches you’ll see a little nativity scene during the Christmas period.


Carolers came to my house last night. They sang over five classic Christmas songs.


My mum spent the day decorating our house with holly and Christmas lights.


Have you put your wreath on your door yet?


Today in my office it’s Christmas jumper day. I wonder who is going to have the silliest.


Make sure you hang your stocking by the fireplace so that Father Christmas has somewhere to put your gift.


Have you been naughty? If you have, you might get a lump of coal in your stocking.


There’s nothing better than sitting by the fireplace with your family when it’s freezing cold outside.


Christmas vocabulary

Mummy, how can Father Christmas get down our chimney if he’s so fat?


I hope I get some good gifts this year. Last year I only got socks!


Most shops provide you with free gift wrap during the festive period.


Can you hear bells ringing? Where is that sound coming from?


Christmas crackers always have the worst jokes in them. But I secretly love them.

Cultural Note: Two people each pull one side of the cracker. It opens with a loud BANG! Inside, there are little gifts and a joke. The jokes are famous for being terrible. 


I kissed Pete under the mistletoe.

Cultural note: Mistletoe is a plant with little white berries. If you stand underneath it, someone might kiss you! 



Traditional Food


I don’t really the traditional Christmas pudding, so I always make a Yule log (a chocolate cake shaped like a log) instead.


I probably ate over 50 mince pies during the Christmas period.

*Mince pies are small pies that can in your hand. They are filled with fruit and brandy. 


I’m so full from Christmas lunch. I don’t think I can manage a slice of Christmas pudding.


Christmas vocabulary

I love going to Christmas markets and drinking mulled wine. It’s the perfect drink in cold weather.


Christmas vocabulary

When I was a child, my mum and I would bake gingerbread men every year.


I don’t really like eating candy canes, so I just hang them on my tree!

Enjoy the holidays! Please leave a comment if you can think of any more vocabulary to add to this list! 



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