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C1 Advanced

Exam Preparation

What is the C1 Advanced?

C1 Advanced (formally Cambridge English: Advanced – CAE). It is an internationally recognised qualification which demonstrates that you are at an Advanced level (C1). This is a high level qualification that proves you have the English language skills that universities and employers require.

The objective of the C1 Advanced Exam Preparation course is to help you pass the exam! The C1 Exam has 4 parts: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Every lesson focuses on developing your skills in each part of the exam. We work on improving your level of English and building your confidence with the exam structure.

Our experienced teachers use official C1 Advanced Examination materials. This includes course books, practice exam papers, and online resources.

C1 Advanced Exam Preparation Includes:

  • Start any Wednesday
  • 3 hours study per day
  • 6 hours study per week
  • Study in the evening
  • Mock practice exams
  • Maximum class size – 10
  • Minimum age – 18

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