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NOT TO MENTION: the useful phrase series

NOT TO MENTION: the useful phrase series

NOT TO MENTION = Here is some more important information 

We use ‘not to mention‘ we want to add extra information to something we are discussing. It is stronger than ‘and’. 




Paris is beautiful this time of year, not to mention romantic! 
(I think Paris is beautiful and also romantic.) 


I really disliked my ex-girlfriends attitude, not to mention her smoking habit. 
(I disliked my girlfriend’s attitude and also her smoking habit.)


not to mention


The level of pollution in the city is staggering, not to mention the lack of any trees or greenery. 
(There is a lot of pollution an also no trees or greenery.) 


Can you please help me with the kids today? I have to run so many errands, not to mention clean the house for tomorrow’s dinner party.
(I have to run errands and also clean the house.) 


not to mention


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