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SURE + VERB (emphatic): the useful phrase series

SURE + VERB (emphatic): the useful phrase series

sure + verb = definitely 

We use ‘sure + verb’ to be emphatic when we definitely feel/think something. Usually it is used when we agree with someone. 


sure does



Grammatically it’s formed: subject + sure + auxiliary verb/be


A: Adele is so talented. She can really sing.
B: She sure can
(She can definitely sing.) 


A: Would you like to see my newest painting?
B: I sure would
(I would definitely like to see your painting.) 


A: Oh man it is raining like crazy.
B: It sure is
(It is definitely raining a lot.)


A: Are you angry about the change in plans?
B: I sure am
(I am definitely angry!)


A: The flowers were beautiful at the Dutch tulip fields.
B: They sure were!
(The flowers were definitely beautiful.) 


sure can


If there isn’t an auxiliary, use ‘do/does’. 


A:Oh my goodness, Carol really loves her new pet hamster. 
B: She sure does.
(She definitely loves her new hamster.) 


A: Bill spends too much money on video games.
B: He sure does.
(He definitely spends too much money.) 


sure does


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