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The 17 Best of 2017!

The 17 Best of 2017!

2017 is coming to an end. We want to say a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all of our wonderful students who have studied with us. Many of you have found new jobs, passed exams, met new people, and even fallen in love!

We  want to dedicate this post to all the great things that have happened over the year: The 17 Best of 2017!

This list is in no specific order. (It would be impossible to order them!)

Let’s do it.

1) Selfies

In a world where social media dominates, selfies are a must. There have been some fantastic shots!


2) Pronunciation Class

Ship or Sheep? Bin or Bean? Good questions!


3) Walk to the Clifton Suspension Bridge

The weather was perfect and so was the view.


4) International Food Lunches

It was wonderful sharing food from all around the world! Korean, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, French, Chilean, Portuguese and English of course!



5) New Technology

We installed projectors in all of our classrooms. Google, Youtube, Netflix, Powerpoint etc. are all ways we make learning easier and more exciting.



6) Pub Crawls

Learning inside of a classroom is important, but so is socialising using English! We’ve had so many memorable moments in classic British pubs.




7) Mock Exams

Paying for the IELTS or Cambridge exams can be quite expensive. Our mock exams helped a lot of students see if they were ready to take the real exam or not.

‘Thank you for the excellent preparation. I scored overall 7.5. I am so glad that I chose your language school, you’re really doing a great job! Thank you for everything.’

-Carla Garz (Germany)

8) Business English

Let’s get down to business. We opened this course because of several student requests.

9) Language Connected’s Graffiti Wall

We love it when a student leaves a message after they have finished their course. We can remember them forever!


10) Wilson Alexandre

Speaking of great messages… thank you to artist Wilson Alexandre!


11) Graffiti and Street Art Tour

We looked at some of Bristol’s most famous graffiti and street art!

12) Facebook

Our weekly posts have been exceptionally popular! Check out our Facebook and test yourself. We always respond.


13) Bowling


14) Films in English @LanguageConnected 

Everyone loves watching films. It’s even better together! Popcorn always included.

15) Conversation Club

We have our Conversation Club two Fridays a month. It’s non-stop speaking for 90 minutes in a local café.


16) Free Tea and Coffee

All of our students are welcome to free tea and coffee. We definitely have a few tea fanatics and coffee addicts!

17) Christmas Meal

A lovely way to end the year. Food, drinks and Christmas crackers of course!


See you in 2018!


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