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The Best Way to Practise Writing without a Teacher – for English Learners

The Best Way to Practise Writing without a Teacher – for English Learners

How can I practise writing in English?

There is a great activity that you can do every day, which will help you improve your writing. You can do this in 10 minutes, and without a teacher. The good news? You’ll be writing in English PERFECTLY!

Step 1:

Find a short piece of writing in English. 1-3 paragraphs is sufficient.

This can be from a newspaper…



a book…



or any other source written in English.


Step 2:

In your notebook (buy a special notebook just for this activity!), copy the text. Copy the entire text exactly as you see it written.

How can this activity help me?

This activity is training your mind to recognise correct English writing. You will be copying correct spelling, grammar, sentence formation, and punctuation. The more you do this activity, you subconsciously absorb the way English is written.

What if I don’t understand everything in the text? 

It is not important to understand the entire text! This activity is like watching a film. You don’t need to understand every detail to get the gist (the main idea.) And also like a film, any exposure to English you can include in your life is great.

What do students say about this activity?

For me it’s fantastic. It’s relaxing as well. It’s actually helping me with prepositions! – Jorge (Spain)

Enjoy English!

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