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General English

LEVEL TIME 4 Days per Week
A1 Elementary 16.15-18.15 Monday – Thursday
A2 Pre-Intermediate AM 10.00-12.00 Monday – Thursday
A2 Pre-Intermediate PM 12.45-14.45 Monday – Thursday
B1 Intermediate AM 10.00-12.00 Monday – Thursday
B1 Intermediate PM 12.45.00-14.45 Monday – Thursday
B2 Upper-Intermediate AM 10.00-12.00 Monday – Thursday

Exam Preparation

B2 First Exam Preparation 14.00-16.00 Tuesday – Thursday 6 hours per week
C1 Advanced Exam Preparation 17.30-20.30 Wednesday & Thursday 6 hours per week
International English Language Testing System(IELTS) 15.00-18.00 Monday & Tuesday 6 hours per week

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