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Traditional Christmas Food (English Vocabulary)

Traditional Christmas Food (English Vocabulary)

Christmas is in the air!

Christmas markets are open, decorations are out, people are shopping for presents, and there is some great Christmas food around.

On the 25th of December, people in the UK will have a large Christmas meal, which takes hours of preparation. Each family will have their own variation of the Christmas meal, but in today’s post, let’s look at the classic traditional food eaten on Christmas day.

This post is divided into 5 simple graphics to make the vocabulary clearer and easier to learn!

Tuck in! (transitive/inseparable phrasal verb: to start eating. Usually used as an imperative.)

First and foremost, the meat…

A very common alternative to meat on Christmas would be nut roast. This dish is the shape of a loaf of bread, but consists mainly of nuts and vegetables!

On to the veg…

Vegetables are normally boiled, baked, or stewed.

On Christmas day, it’s necessary (and more fun) for your plate to be completely filled! Therefore, sides are a must.

And if you haven’t consumed enough calories already…


Last but not least, we have mulled wine. If you are currently living in the United Kingdom, we can guarantee that you have seen multiple cafes, restaurants and market stalls serving this wonderful drink. Red wine is slowly heated on the stove with cinnamon, lemon/orange, sugar, cloves, and star anise.



What traditional foods are eaten in your country at Christmas?

Enjoy English!

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